5 Tips for Successful TV Interviews

tv interview

By Marsha Friedman

(Marsha Friedman was the April speaker at Book Publishers Northwest)

It has been more than 70 years since television was first commercially available, and in that time we have seen the emergence of radio, wireless communications, the Internet, twitter, and social networking. However, one thing has remained constant in that time. Practically since the first broadcast over commercial airwaves, television has been the most powerful medium of them all – and that fact still remains true today.

A good television interview can change a life. It can change a company, an industry – and in some cases – it has changed the world. That’s why we specialize in helping our clients make the most of their TV interviews. In those few minutes of airtime, you can influence more people than any other communication method. So, to help our clients do it right, I’ve assembled a booklet that will soon be published on our Web site (www.emsincorporated.com) that contains 50 simple tips for doing the best TV interviews possible.

Periodically, I’ll share a few with you, like I’m doing today.  Let me start with my top five, to show you how easy it can be.

  1. Be energetic – This is your message and I’m sure you’re naturally excited about it – so channel your energy and make it work for you. If you are excited and positive, your audience will be very responsive.
  2. Be mindful of body language – TV is a visual medium, so be open with your body language. Make sure to lean slightly toward the interviewer when you are talking and show interest in the conversation. Be aware of where the camera is, even though you are not looking at it.  If you naturally talk with your hands, then feel free to gesture naturally. Your body language shows your confidence and your passion for the topic.
  3. Let your personality shine through – Make eye contact, and talk to the interviewer as if you are talking to a friend sitting in your living room. Speak in an open and confident manner, smile and have fun. Your enthusiasm will be contagious.
  4. Stay focused on your message and keep it simple – Choose a few key points you feel will be most relevant to your interview and outline them for yourself ahead of time.  Keep it uncomplicated to best convey your message. If during the interview, the conversation veers away from them, make sure to steer it back in the most subtle way you can
  5. Know your topic and any current events that relate to it – This should also come naturally. This is your area of expertise, so don’t be afraid to show it. You know your subject inside and out, so explain it as clearly as you can, in as few words as possible. Keep it short and memorable. If it relates to anything that is currently in the news, let people know it. Be prepared and think of all the possible questions and their answers – even the ones you think no one would ever ask. Be ready to catch that fly ball coming from left field.

Television reaches millions with more power and influence than any other medium, so if you’re going to go on the air, make it count. Make your passion, your ideas and your message compelling enough to be worth it to viewers to welcome you into their home, and possibly, into their lives.

If you are interested in finding out if your message is a right fit for a local and national television campaign, contact my partner Steve today on 727-443-7115, Extension 202 or email him by clicking here.