IBPA Provides Virtual Support

The Independent Book Publishers Association reports that their virtual member round tables have been a hit. Started as free webinars to help indie publishers deal with the business impacts of  the coronavirus, these virtual meet-ups have received rave reviews and are beginning to drive programming ideas for the organization. Their July 23 meeting will focus on  how indie publishers can connect with libraries during COVID-19.

The organization continues to add new services for its members including the just launched program for audiobooks: the IBPA NetGalley Program Audiobook Listing. IBPA’s member benefits break into the categories of:

  1. Creating and Distributing Books
  2. PR and Marketing
  3. Securing Book Reviews
  4. Book Award Programs
  5. Managing Your Business
  6. Education and Networking

The organization has more than 3,500 members with a number of affiliate local chapters. To learn more, visit ibpa-online.org.