Idyll Arbor Publisher Looking For New Leadership

Idyll Arbor has a large catalog of titles

Tom Blaschko, current owner of Idyll Arbor, is seeking new leadership for his publishing company. Idyll Arbor is currently located in Enumclaw, Washington, about an hour southeast of Seattle in the foothills of Mount Rainier.  “I intend to stay involved for a few years, so that the new leader or leaders and Idyll Arbor continue to be successful. But the long-term goal is to sell the business to the person who takes over,” said Blaschko. “I know the right people for this job are out there and will know this is exactly what she, he, or they want to be doing — just like I knew that it was the right thing for me to do.”

For 35 years, Idyll Arbor has worked improve the quality of health care provided to clients by providing quality information and resources to practitioners. “The largest part of our business, under the Idyll Arbor imprint, is publishing college textbooks for Recreational Therapists and Activity Professionals. We also publish information about therapy groups, activities, and practice issues for therapists and activity professionals working in facilities. Idyll Arbor also has some books for the general population on specific techniques, such as Expressive Writing, and treatments, such as hip replacement,” said Blaschko.

The company also has the Issues Press imprint, which looks at solutions to concerns in our society, such as veterans returning from wars with PTSD and TBIs and not finding effective treatment for those conditions. Under the imprint Pine Winds Press can be found books that look at our place in the universe, beyond physical reality.

More information about the company can be found on the website:

Those interested in discussing a leadership position with Blaschko should contact him at