Boxed Sets From LostLoves

LostLoves Books’ author Phoebe Matthews announced a new “boxed set” (an e-book containing more than one novel). Getting the pieces put together went fine, according to Matthews, but somebody clicked a wrong button on the pre-ordering set up and created multiple sales dates. From her newsletter:

CampusCouplesMid January began the half price preorder for the  LostLoves BookClub boxed set, titled Campus Couples, and containing two favorites from the Rain City Romance collection, When September Returns and What I Know About Boys. Kindle will send your ebook Feb. 17. Kobo will send it the day you order it.

Umm, how do I explain this? Okay, here goes. The distributors and I managed to mangle the pre-order concept, but here is what is happening. Order the ebook of Campus Couples from Kobo any time before March 1 and you will get it for the pre-order bargain price and get it immediately. Order it from Kindle and again, the bargain price is good until March, but you will not be sent the ebook until February 17. Don’t ask. If I could explain, I would have to understand what happened and I don’t.

Matthews also placed an earlier title, Valentine Vampire, on sale. “My grandmother lived two blocks away from the location of the crime and heard the shooting. So did everyone else in the neighborhood. They all knew better than to run outside to see what was going on because that was Chicago in 1929,” wrote Matthews. “Sure, the Chicago Tribune ran detailed accounts of the action, but my grandmother heard the guns and knew how the neighbors reacted. 

 Valentine Vampire is the romantic version and is the freebie for February on Kobo, Ibooks, and Nook.”

Valentine Vampire is part of a larger series, Turning Vampire, originally published by Dark Quest Books and now being reprinted in boxsets by LostLoves Books, a member of Book Publishers Northwest.

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