Local Publisher Launches Souls Newsletter

BlaschkoBookTom Blaschko of Pine Winds Press/Idyll Arbor (and treasurer of BPNW) is writing a book with the working title We All Have Souls and I Think I Can Prove It. It will have a model of the soul and evidence from a diverse set of areas including scientific research, reincarnation, ghosts, martial arts, energy healing, subtle activism, shamanistic practice, and more. They are all tied together and support the evidence from each other. Religion is mentioned, but it is definitely not a religious book. It’s planned to be out in 2016. Blaschko previously authored Calculating Soul Connections about human relationships.

As part of the writing, Tom is sending out a biweekly newsletter on topics related to souls and the life force. If any of the topics sound interesting, he’d like to have you sign up to receive the newsletter. You can even send in questions you would like answers to.

To sign up go to http://WeAllHaveSouls.com and fill out the newsletter form with your name and email address. You can even click the Facebook Like button for the We All Have Souls page while you’re there.