New Shared World Tale from Rosemary Jones

AwakenedcoverBook Publishers Northwest web editor Rosemary Jones recently had another story published in the anthology The Awakened from Dark Quest Books.

“This was a shared world project that will eventually form the basis of a role-playing game,” said Jones.  “The game creator, Hal Greenberg, ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to underwrite the costs of publishing and then partnered with Dark Quest to complete the project.”

Jones, who is a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, has written for Wizards of the Coast, Timid Pirate, and several other “shared world” publishers.  “Many people don’t realize what a huge market there is for such fiction,” she said.  “Whether it is fleshing out the world of an established game like Wizards’ Dungeons and Dragons or helping create something new, there’s a lot of opportunity for writers to tell stories that people want to read.”

The Awakened is set in a world where people acquire certain magical powers, usually linked to telepathic communication with animals.  “Being a city girl,” Jones said, “I used the wildlife that I see outside my window as the inspiration. So it’s sparrows, and thieves, and bit of Dickensian skullduggery.”

Jones currently is working on a second story for another Awakened anthology in 2014.  Her other projects and past publications can be seen at her website.