Artisnal Publishing Enterprise

APE_Cover_20130118Guy Kawaski has come up with a new term for small press and self-publishing. He’s calling it “Artisanal Publishing.” By using this term, he’s calling on authors and small press publishers to craft the best possible book — a major point for him is that nobody can be both author and copyeditor and that it’s worth paying to make sure that your manuscript is as clean as possible before it goes out into the world.

These days, the former chief evangelist of Apple is busy exploring ways that nonfiction authors can communicate their message with a wider audience. Walking the talk, he self-published his own version of publishing advice for the new millennium.

A support website provides a number of free downloads for those considering dipping their toes into publishing. For those who have already published, the APE website demonstrates a number of ways that a publisher can support their marketing efforts:  press releases and cover images are easy to find and download, people are rewarded for sharing via social media (it unlocks free downloads), and more.