Cobalt City Christmas Anthology

cobaltcitychristmasBook Publishers Northwest web editor Rosemary Jones (who writes fantasy and science fiction in her spare time) contributed to the Timid Pirates’ anthology Cobalt City Christmas.

“This is the fastest publishing project that I’ve ever seen and shows what sites like Lulu can do for a small press,” said Jones. “The idea came up during a discussion in October with Cobalt City creator Nathan Crowder. Timid Pirates invited me to contribute a story by mid-November, along with three other Northwest writers and Crowder.”

The result was a short book (98 pages) of shared world fiction available by the first week of December. The Cobalt City series created by Crowder focuses on the exploits of a group of superheroes. The stories by Crowder, Jones, Angel Leigh McCoy (Horror Writers of America), Jeremy Zimmerman (Crossed Genres), and Nicole Burns revolve around the Yuletide season and its impact on the masked superheroes and their foes in stories ranging from humorous to tender to pure knockabout action.