Espresso Machine Serves Up Books

An announcement that two Northwest bookstores have added Espresso to their store may be met with a “huh, don’t they all serve coffee now?”

Except this Espresso creates books, not lattes, for customers. Village Books in Bellingham and Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park will be installing the Espresso Book Machines in their stores this winter.

According to the manufacturer, the Espresso Book Machine delivers “library quality paperbacks at low cost, identical to factory made books, printed direct from digital files for the reader in minutes.”

With agreements in place with Google Books (announced this week) and Lighting Source, readers will have access to “millions of digital titles in multiple languages, including rare and out of print public domain titles,” said Jason Epstein, Chairman and co-founder of On Demand Books, LLC (ODB), the maker of the Espresso Book Machine.

The machine’s software, ExpressNet, also tracks the printing of copyrighted material and provides for payments to publishers and/or self-published authors.

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