June 22: Writers Reading Aloud With Fearless Voices

Prior to going on our summer break, Book Publisher Northwest invites all local writers to join us for a free Fearless Voices workshop with Jody Ericson-Dorow and Peach Pittenger.

“The workshop is an active and hands-on experience,” writes Ericson-Dorow. “We will teach exercises that focus on body, breath and voice, so that you are relaxed, confident and in control when you step in front of the crowd. This workshop is especially helpful to writers, who want their nuanced and genuine writer’s voice to shine through when they read aloud. This means that the workshop is about mental and physical preparation and not about how to dramatize or perform your work. We will devote some time to discussion: engaging your audience, effective interpretation, and shedding those nervous tics and mannerisms.”

Our presenters suggest wearing comfortable clothing (“we move around a bit, nothing strenuous,” noted Ericson-Dorow) and come prepared to have fun.

BPNW’s June 22 meeting starts at 6 pm in Room 223 at Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside N, Seattle. There will be time after the session for mixing with your fellow indie authors and publishers.

More About Fearless Voices

Fearless Voices’ mission is to teach people how to overcome fear of public speaking through exercises and techniques drawn from music, dance, theatre, and sports. Their workshops are tailored for people in business, technology, and the arts. They also work with non-profit organizations’ personal and professional development programs.

Peach Pittenger is a writer, teacher, director and actor. She holds a PhD in Theatre from Ohio State University, and has taught at the University of Washington and University of Georgia. She also has extensive business experience in marketing and communications in the financial services industry. Peach brings her versatile skills in theatre, teaching, and writing to her role as workshop director.

tender-cover-263x300With over 20 years in the corporate arena, Jody Ericson-Dorow’s specialty is creative development, including production, project management, marketing, fundraising, and publishing. She is the co-founder of a local custom publishing company with four releases, including John Howie’s Passion and Palate, Tamara Murphy’s cookbook TENDER, and a forthcoming children’s book.

Ericson-Dorow is on the Advisory Board of First Book Seattle, a national non-profit dedicated to providing access to books for children need. She is marketing director for Fearless Voices workshops.

NW Bookstore News From PNBA

pnbalogoOur friends at Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association headed to the East Coast last month for the nation’s biggest bookshow: Book Expo America. Now they’re home and planning the PNBA Fall Trade Show in Portland, Oregon. This year’s show will take place in October and you can read more about that show at their website.

In other independent bookstore news around the region, PNBA reports the following from their members:

That’s All For Cinema Books

Seattle’s Cinema Books is shutting down after 38 years in the University District. The tiny store, which started out on Capitol Hill opposite the now equally defunct Harvard Exit movie theater, attracted film lovers from around the world for its unique collection of scholarly and popular titles. Located on the corner of 50th Street and Roosevelt Way Northeast, recent neighborhood construction projects have hindered business. “I’m too small to last them out,” said owner Stephanie Ogle. Read more about Cinema Books’ closing sale at UW Daily.

Bookworm Expands Store
The Bookworm in Kennewick, Washington, is the latest Northwest indie to join PNBA. Owners Cindy and Mark Bitzer recently moved the store to facilitate expansion, growing from 2,600 square feet to more than 5,800 of new and used books. Now located at at 731 N. Columbia Center Blvd in a former liquor store, the owners told their local newspaper that replacing booze with books took a little extra time due to some necessary remodeling. The Bookworm first opened in Richland, Washington, in 1974. The store continues to serve as a lively center for readers and their childern. Read more here at the Tri-City Herald.

Sponsorship Opportunities With NIEG

EdsGuild2015 Logo_Layout 1Following sponsorship offer is open to all publishers, not just members of BPNW:

Greetings from the Northwest Independent Editors Guild! As you may recall, we had a lovely mixer with SWG, Book Publishers Northwest, and NIEG a little over a year ago, and now we’re reaching out to you about our upcoming conference.

Our 5th biennial conference, Beyond the Red Pencil: Editing in the 21st Century, is central to a large community of editors and writers based in the Northwest and Canada. This conference does more than just gather professional editors intent on a day of learning and networking, it also serves as a primary source of organizational funding for the Guild. We are asking for your help to make this event possible and serve those who create the narrative of our culture.

This year’s conference, slated for October 10, 2015, is positioned to be an insightful and inspiring event. Keynote speaker Steven Pinker, New York Times best-selling author, linguist, cognitive scientist, and chair of the Usage Panel of The American Heritage Dictionary, will kick off the day-long event with his latest book, The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century. We’re extremely excited to host this distinguished author and speaker!

For the first time, we’re looking for sponsors for our event. We have identified several giving tiers for conference sponsorships and welcome contributions at any level. Sponsors will be named in our program and promotional materials. As editors, we understand the importance of collaboration better than most, and we will use our networks to make our sponsors’ support known.

As we gather in Washington this October, we celebrate Seattle as the city with the most library cards per capita in the US and as home to Amazon, the largest Internet-based bookseller in the world. The larger Pacific Northwest is also proud home to some of the greatest independent booksellers in the world such as Powell’s in Portland Oregon. The relevance of authors and their less visible editors cannot be overstated. The Northwest Independent Editors Guild serves as an important resource for professional development that affects the literary experience of readers far beyond our region.

If you know of any businesses that may be interested in sponsoring our conference, or if you yourself are interested, please contact us at beyondtheredpencil@gmail.com. For more information on our conference, visit http://edsguild.org/conferences.

Thank you for your consideration!

Amanda Vail,
on behalf of the Conference Committee, Northwest Independent Editors Guild

April Meeting Unearths Resources for Publishing Success

Posy150headshotby Posy Gering

What resources do you need to overcome the barriers to publishing success? Perhaps, you might identify with one of these:

  • I hate asking people for things
  • I’m not being successful unless I’m being published by a NY publisher
  • I can’t publish because I don’t have reviews or blurbs
  • It seems like none of my pitches are landing … I’m frustrated
  • I write and write and write, but nothing is finished
  • I have piles of ideas about how to market my book, but I never get around to it

April’s meeting was a unique approach to our community – we focused the wisdom of our group to help one another and build community. What we did was talk about some of our current challenges, then, each person had an opportunity to get feedback on one of them. Here is some feedback from attendees about the exercise I offered:

“The Board of Advisers activity allowed me to receive valuable, constructive feedback as a writer in a warm environment with likeminded people,” reflected Dara Bramson. “The activity was especially useful because it encouraged both a dialogue with the writer and board, as well as an opportunity for all participants to listen, process, and express themselves.”

“This exercise went beyond the standard writer critique. It’s interesting to see how the group dynamic is used and how a simple thing, like having the person face away from the people giving advice, helps focus the process.” commented Rosemary Jones.

Dara also commented, “This was my third BPNW meeting, which was especially enriching on a personal level because of Posy’s leadership. Past meetings have been very useful as well and I find BPNW to be an excellent resource for writers and publishers alike.”

I find this exercise particularly useful because it taps into perspectives you might never hear. Those who stepped up with a challenge walked away with fresh, relevant, actionable strategies.

About my approach

I design experiences to include and engage everyone in the room and help them work at the top of their intelligence, together. I help people work more creatively and productively, so they can uncover the unexpected sources of great ideas or to solve seemingly intractable issues.

If you, your team or organization needs new ways to solve persistent challenges, please contact me.

Of course, I’d be happy to do a presentation or brown bag about The Leadership Moment, which I define as how you respond when “stuff” happens. My book, The Next You, Discovering Confidence, Calm and Courage, Now, outlines fifty ways to do it differently.

BPNW’s next meeting is May 18, 6 pm, and will feature building a better author platform with Kelsye Nelson.

May 18 Meeting: Building The Author Platform

Just like there are no two books exactly the same there is no one path to publishing. However, every author may benefit from a strong platform. Agents and publishers take a good look at a writer’s online presence, website, social media, network and community when deciding to take a chance on a new author. And if you publish independently, you absolutely need a strong author platform.

Join independent author and publishing professional Kelsye Nelson in this fast-paced, energetic one-hour session, and  learn:
How to build your community online and off.
What steps you should take BEFORE you publish.
Easy tools for website and social media management.
The biggest mistake almost every author making when it comes to social media.

BPNW’s May 18 meeting will start at 6 pm in Room 221 at Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside N, Seattle. There will be time after the session for mixing with your fellow indie authors and publishers.

More About Our Speaker
Kelsye_black_backgroundKelsye Nelson is an author and publishing professional. She teaches the Business of Digital Publishing course at the University of Washington and is the founder of Avasta Press . She’s also the co-founder and former CEO of Writer.ly, an online marketplace that connects writers to publishing professionals. Nelson helps authors across genres publish their books, offering invaluable experience in launch strategy, publishing on various platforms, marketing, and author platform building.

A talented and engaging speaker, Nelson has presented talks and workshops on publishing, marketing, entrepreneurialism, and startups at conferences and events, including Book Expo America, the Whidbey Island Writers’ Conference, Northwest Bookfest, and Book Publishers Northwest. She has a BA in writing and art activism from Evergreen State College and completed graduate coursework in the publishing arts program at Antioch University. When she isn’t helping writers achieve their publishing dreams, Nelson is at work on a new novel, The Secret Life of Sensei Shi, and Book Lush, the what to drink with what to read guidebook. Connect @Kelsye or Kelsye.com.

Learn More About Mineral School Residencies

Mineral School, a new artists residency near Mt. Rainier, is holding celebration today (May 7) at Hugo House from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Enjoy readings by writer Litsa Dremousis (Altitude Sickness) and poet Jeremy Pataky (Overwinter), a slide show and talk, free snacks, and a raffle for a DIY weekend at Mineral School.


Located in a former elementary school, this artists residency program opens summer 2015 in the town of Mineral, near Mt. Rainier.


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