Humanities Montana Grants Awarded

Writers, publishers, and literary groups in Montana benefit from Humanities Montana’s support through a variety of grant programs. In March, the organization will take “opportunity grant” applications for funding up to $1,000. Then, in April, Humanities Montana will accept regular grant applications for requests above $1,000. All grant information can be found on the website,

Humanities Montana announced the following grants awarded in February:

  • James Welch Native American Literature Festival, Aasaisstto Language Society, East Glacier, $10,000. The James Welch Native American Literature Festival will be a three-day event celebrating the work of the internationally acclaimed writer James Welch and featuring contemporary Native American writers.
  • Philosophy Symposia Series, Merlin CCC, Helena, $3,750. The Philosophy Symposia Series will focus on military life and the ethics of war, freedom of speech, and our relationship with nature.
  • Blackfeet Ethnoecology Mapping Project, Blackfeet Tribal Historic Preservation Office, Browning, $6,100. The project will develop an Indigenous science database informed by the Blackfoot knowledge system to disseminate traditional landscape stewardship principles about ecosystem connectivity and the role and responsibility of Blackfoot people in protecting cultural and natural resources.
  • Talk Series: Language Reclamation and Beyond, University of Montana Linguistics Department, Missoula, $5,000. An international conference co-hosted by Chief Dull Knife College and featuring a series of plenary talks on Indigenous language documentation and reclamation.
  • Story of Butte, Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization, Butte, $7,500. Support for curated articles about the history of Butte on a website and mobile app.
  • First Voices, Thresh, Inc., New York, New York, $2,000. Contemporary multidisciplinary interpretations of Indigenous stories for the digital platform working with tribal elders and high school students.
  • Buckskin and Cloth Dresses, April Martin, Busby, $4,000. Research fellowship on the evolution of women’s buckskin and cloth dresses with an emphasis on the Cheyenne Nation.
  • Romey Stuckart Essay and Talk, Missoula Art Museum, Missoula, $1,000. Independent curator and author Ben Mitchell will write an essay about the artist Romey Stuckart for a 16-page exhibition catalog and a live presentation.
  • Annual Youth Concert, Helena Symphony, Helena, $1,000. An educational performance for 2,000 fourth and fifth graders from across the Helena region featuring the acclaimed Classical Kids Live Symphony program Beethoven Lives Upstairs.
  • MPN Playwrights Conference 2022: From Page to Stage, Montana Playwrights Network, Helena, $1,000. A two-day conference examining the sometimes obscure process a new play script follows in its journey from page to stage, with expert presenters and panelists offering analysis and discussion of original plays by Montana playwrights.
  • Teen Book Boxes Extension Program, Billings Public Library, Billings, $1,000 BPL, in partnership with Tumbleweed Runaway Services, will offer free books and supplemental materials to teenagers and young adults. 
  • Nadia Bolz-Weber Lecture Event, Rocky Mountain College, Billings, $1,000. Support for the Wheatley Lecture this year featuring theologian Nadia Bolz-Weber.
  • Mullan Road Conference 2022, River and Plains Society, Fort Benton, $10,000. Support for this national conference commemorating the completion of the Mullan Military Wagon Road in 1860 between Fort Benton and Fort Walla Walla, Washington.