So What Do People Do In Publishing?

Many conventions moved online last year and several panels ended up being Zoom chats with international audiences. Now these organizations are republishing this content. Check out the following on the job duties of various people during the publishing of a book (clicking on picture will take viewers to Dream Foundry’s video channel):

A discussion of the journey from pitched to published, discussing what happens every step of the way and the professionals that contribute to the process with:

Author/Editor/Publisher, Mythic Delirium Books Two-time World Fantasy Award finalist Mike Allen edits and publishes the Mythic Delirium Books imprint.

Laura Blackwell is a freelance copyeditor and a Pushcart-nominated writer of speculative fiction. Her stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies.

Jill Roberts has been the managing editor at Tachyon Publications since 2002. She is the editor of award-winning Tachyon books, and a columnist for Books to Watch Out For and the Thirteenth Moon. Roberts was a consultant at Streetside Stories, which teaches storytelling through writing.

Moderator Rosemary Jones is the author of several media tie-in novels: The Deadly Grimoire (Arkham Horror), Mask of Silver (Arkham Horror), City of the Dead (D&D Forgotten Realms), and Crypt of the Moaning Diamond (D&D Forgotten Realms). She has worked in publishing and communications for many years, including several years of running meetings and events for Book Publishers Northwest.