Holiday Shopping At Indie Bookstores

With all the moaning about empty shelves due to shipping delays, anyone who has wandered into an independent bookstore knows that the shelves are well-stocked. Most also have a variety of stocking stuffers to go with the books too.

There’s a new bookstore opening for the holidays, and one old favorite on the move, in Seattle. So grab your shopping bag and prepare to visit for Small Business Saturday or any day of the week.


The wonderfully named Drink Books, which just opened in Seattle at 5817 Phinney Avenue North, invites readers to pair their favorite novel with just the right red or white. In short, you can buy a book and a bottle of wine. That’s the perfect gift right there! The store was recently featured in Seattle Met.


Seattle’s poem emporium is on the hunt for a new location. After many years at 2414 N. 45th Street, the store has received notice that they have to move. Help them keep the boxes to the minimum by adding a little poetry to your holiday haul. Open Books will not be open on Black Friday, but their regular hours are posted on their website.


Need to find a bookstore? NW Book Lovers has a great listing of independent bookstores in the Pacific Northwest. Find out more at their website.