From Zine To Book To Film…

Illustrator, film producer, and zine-maker Mila Matveeva will lead a Northwest Film Center workshop on how the zine can become part of the creative process in developing larger works, such as films. On May 26, “From Concept to Object: The Zine as a Creative Conduit” will take participants through the process of making an one-of-a-kind work of text and images.

The workshop also explores how the medium of zines can be used as a tool in exploring, developing, and materializing ideas. In particular, Matveeva will focus on how a zine can be the first step in the movie making process by allowing the maker to get started on a project with no equipment or funding. Small press publishers may find this useful as an example of how a zine or art book can be a gateway to other mediums.

“From Concept to Object” will take place May 26, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Cost for the 90-minute workshop is $60. Registration and more information can be found at Northwest Film Center,

The Northwest Film Center (NWFC) is a Portland organization and space where artists and audiences explore the region and the world through cinema and cinematic storytelling in all its forms.