Humanities Montana Grants Available Now

Humanities Montana’s next deadline for regular grant applications is April 20, 2021.

The grants are designed to support the invaluable work being done by other cultural institutions, organizations, scholars, filmmakers, and leaders in Montana. The categories that qualify for grants of more than $1,000 include: book festivals; conferences; exhibits; lectures; media projects; museum assistance; oral histories; panel discussions; planning for humanities programs; public debates; reading and discussion programs; and workshops. The organization also has a category of “Other” to encourage innovation.

Besides regular grants, Humanities Montana offers opportunity grants award up to $1,000. Applications can be submitted any time, but at least four weeks prior to the supported project. Proposals should engage Montanans in meaningful discussion about the human condition, strengthen cooperative relationships among communities and cultural organizations, and enrich civic discourse among the state’s diverse cultures and across its geographical distances. Humanities Montana only awards opportunity grants to organizations, not individuals.

More information about all Humanities Montana’s grant programs can be found at their website: Director of Programs and Grants Kim Anderson suggests contacting her for help in writing the strongest grant proposal possible. Call Humanities Montana’s office at (406) 243-6022 to discuss your proposal with her.