Turning A Board Game Into A Novel

Seattle author Rosemary Jones not only edits this website, she’s also a regular writer of media tie-in or shared world fiction. Taking licensed properties and working with the holders of those licenses, she crafts fiction that deepens the mythos underlying such popular games as Dungeons & Dragons or, in her latest novel, Arkham Horror.

“Arkham Horror is a beloved line of board and card games published by Fantasy Flight Games,” said Jones. “Players become investigators in the strange New England town of Arkham, where cosmic horrors lurk behind seemingly innocent activities. Players of the games are used to intriguing artwork detailing the game’s setting in the 1920s America. As an author, it’s a fun challenge to not only write a story that belongs in that fantasy world but also fits into the real history of the time.”

For her first novel for Arkham Horror, Jones researched 1920s Hollywood and sent a troupe of filmmakers to Arkham to produce a silent movie. During the course of their production, the cast and crew not only meet characters from the game, they are also challenged to survive the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

Reviewers have already taken Mask of Silver‘s diverse cast of characters to heart, with one stating: “what you end up with is a depiction of 1920s America that never feels anything less than 100% real. This is absolutely crucial to this kind of insidious horror: rather than being able to dismiss this tale as something fantastical set in a place clearly of the imagination, instead you have something that feels like real history, a carefully restored picture of 1920s America – as such, when the creepy stuff starts to happen, you can almost start to wonder whether your mirror is reflecting things at an angle that should not be possible? whether the crows outside your window are giving you funny looks, as you get further and further into this slow-burn work of unsettling horror.”

To find out more about how to go from game to story, join Jones and Anjuli Smith of Aconyte Books as they discuss writing media tie-in fiction for Arkham Horror on January 22.

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Arkham Horror: Author Chat With Rosemary Jones

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