Review Copies and More At Trade Show

The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, together with the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association and California Independent Booksellers Alliance, launched the Tri-West Exhibits this week. The exhibit hall remains open until October 31 and some Northwest publishers are giving it a whirl.

“Our distributor IPG is featuring Yellowstone Treasures, updated sixth edition (May 2020) in their booth, along with nine other books,” said Beth Chapple. “Visit and scroll down to see the book cover. Booksellers, librarians, and reviewers are welcome to request review copies in both print and digital formats.”

If you’re a Northwest publisher or author participating in this or other virtual trade shows in 2020, let us know how it is going. Post a comment or drop us an email.

Detail from Yellowstone Treasures, 6th Edition



2 thoughts on “Review Copies and More At Trade Show

  1. Thanks for fixing my name to Chapple since the email blast went out on October 1. I have worked with my mother Janet Chapple on Yellowstone books since 1999, and I’m not going to change my name now!

  2. RosemaryJ says:

    We are sorry for that. It was an auto-edit gremlin that we didn’t catch until we pushed publish. Unfortunately the email goes out at the same time as the first publish button. Sigh. We do know it’s Chapple.

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