Free Publishing Conference Focuses On Selling

The Association of Publishers For Special Sales is offering a Free Virtual Book Marketing Conference on September 10 to 11. Led by longtime publishing consultant Brian Jud, this conference focuses on how to sell to non-bookstore buyers.

The two-day virtual conference focuses on marketing print books with free webinars on:

  • What Are Special Markets
  • How to Use Books as Promotional Items
  • How to Create Retail Distribution
  • Make the Grade in the Academic Market
  • Novel Ideas For Selling Fiction To Non-Bookstore Buyer
  • How to Work With a Printer for Customized Print Runs
  • How to Find and Speak at Virtual Events
  • The Selling Power of Book Design
  • Using Social Media for Networking and Book Sales

To find links to register for all or any of these webinars for free, go to

Jud also offers one-on-one consultations. The fee for APSS members is $39.95 ($49.95 for non-members).  To learn more, see