Idyll Arbor Finds New Management And State

Blaschko plans to spend retirement working on his own writing and other projects.

Awhile ago, Tom Blaschko, founder and president of Idyll Arbor Inc., announced plans for retirement, including finding someone to take over the Washington state publishing company and its three imprints. In a recent newsletter, he announced that the company will be transitioning to management by a long-time employee and resident of Indiana.

“Beginning next year Lori Barnes will be the co-president of Idyll Arbor, Inc. Lori has worked for Idyll Arbor over the last ten years specializing in our Pine Winds Press and Issues Press imprints. She is ready to take on the added tasks of developing and marketing books for recreational therapists and activity professionals,” wrote Blaschko. “Over the next few years, I will continue working here as we complete this transition. Part of this transition will include the relocation of the publishing company to the state of Indiana where Lori currently lives, surrounded by her children and grandchildren.”

Blaschko announced that following the transition that he will be spending more time on his own writing and teaching projects. His previous titles include Calculating Soul Connections.

Under the Idyll Arbor imprint, this publisher has more than 200 titles, games, and assessments for healthcare professionals. Pine Winds Press is dedicated to the study of the life force and the soul. For more information on these and other Idyll Arbor activities, see