Guest Article: Resources for Publishing Success

Posy150headshotby Posy Gering

What resources do you need to overcome the barriers to publishing success? Perhaps, you might identify with one of these:

  • I hate asking people for things
  • I’m not being successful unless I’m being published by a NY publisher
  • I can’t publish because I don’t have reviews or blurbs
  • It seems like none of my pitches are landing … I’m frustrated
  • I write and write and write, but nothing is finished
  • I have piles of ideas about how to market my book, but I never get around to it

April’s meeting was a unique approach to our community – we focused the wisdom of our group to help one another and build community. What we did was talk about some of our current challenges, then, each person had an opportunity to get feedback on one of them. Here is some feedback from attendees about the exercise I offered:

“The Board of Advisers activity allowed me to receive valuable, constructive feedback as a writer in a warm environment with likeminded people,” reflected Dara Bramson. “The activity was especially useful because it encouraged both a dialogue with the writer and board, as well as an opportunity for all participants to listen, process, and express themselves.”

“This exercise went beyond the standard writer critique. It’s interesting to see how the group dynamic is used and how a simple thing, like having the person face away from the people giving advice, helps focus the process.” commented Rosemary Jones.

Dara also commented, “This was my third BPNW meeting, which was especially enriching on a personal level because of Posy’s leadership. Past meetings have been very useful as well and I find BPNW to be an excellent resource for writers and publishers alike.”

I find this exercise particularly useful because it taps into perspectives you might never hear. Those who stepped up with a challenge walked away with fresh, relevant, actionable strategies.

About my approach

I design experiences to include and engage everyone in the room and help them work at the top of their intelligence, together. I help people work more creatively and productively, so they can uncover the unexpected sources of great ideas or to solve seemingly intractable issues.

If you, your team or organization needs new ways to solve persistent challenges, please contact me.

Of course, I’d be happy to do a presentation or brown bag about The Leadership Moment, which I define as how you respond when “stuff” happens. My book, The Next You, Discovering Confidence, Calm and Courage, Now, outlines fifty ways to do it differently.