A Follow-Up From Kelsye Nelson on Kickstarter

Kelyse Nelson organized the February 24 Kickstarter workshop sponsored by Book Publishers Northwest and Writer.ly. She’s also kickstarting her own publishing project: Book Lush, a pairing of cocktails and good reading. Here’s a few of her follow-up suggestions for those looking to learn more about crowdfunding a book:

“First of all, thanks to Bethany Carlson for donating her time to lead the workshop. You can reach Bethany at www.TheArtistsPartner.com (Bethany’s article for BPNW can be found here).

As a convenient example, my own Kickstarter is ending in just a couple days. You can check it out here.

For those of you who struggle with the concept of asking other’s to fund your projects, here is the very inspiration video of Amanda Palmer’s TED talk  about the art of asking.”