Timid Pirate Launches First Double E-Book

Cobalt City Double Feature

Timid Pirate’s latest e-book harks back to early days of the science fiction publishing.

In a homage to the old days of science fiction paperbacks containing two full novellas or the drive-in offering two movies for the price of one ticket, BPNW member Timid Pirate launched Cobalt City Double Feature.

The e-book currently available on Amazon.com contains two stories by Northwest fantasy writers: Minerva Zimmerman and Erik Scott de Bie. The stories are set in the shared world of Cobalt City, where superheroes struggle with super villains and everyday problems.

“Superheroes have come a long way from the four-panel comic books. And authors like Minerva Zimmerman and Erik Scott de Bie are boldly showing the way of what is possible,” said publisher Nathan Crowder in an announcement of this latest venture from the Seattle small press.

Cobalt City Double Feature also is available directly from the publisher and is expected to be available for the Nook shortly.