GreaterGood Network Launches E-Book Imprint

Longtime Book Publishers Northwest content creator Rosemary Jones launched a new e-book imprint for Seattle-based GreaterGood Network.

Their first title, 100 Heartwarming Stories From The Animal Rescue Site, is a .99 e-book available for both Kindle and Nook. The stories create a quick, fun, and positive read for animal lovers and allow the company to repurpose material collected over the years for the website’s homepage and newsletters, said Jones.

Early reaction to 100 Heartwarming Stories has been positive, with more than 1,000 copies sold on alone in the first week of publication.

“For nonprofits and others, the e-book revolution is a great way to share your story without the huge expense of printing, storing, and shipping books,” said Jones. Previously she worked with such local nonprofits as Bastyr University and Earthstewards Network to create titles for their publishing imprints.

“I remember the original Textbook of Natural Medicine weighed over three pounds, and it took us a week to simply assemble boxes for shipping,” Jones said. “And, when I was publishing books for the Earthstewards Network, I literally stacked and unstacked pallet loads of the final printed copies in their storeroom. This type of publishing is certainly easier physically if nothing else!”

Another advantage to such publishing is low cost for entry and an ability to monetize previously published material such as website content or blog stories.