FAQ Answers For Upcoming Trade Show Display

Book Publishers Northwest is taking a full display booth for September’s Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association’s fall trade show, September 28-30, in Tacoma. Authors and publishers located in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana are welcome to send up to three books for display to: Book Publishers Northwest, 2212 Queen Anne Ave North #275, Seattle WA 98109. Here’s the answers to the questions we’ve received.

Can I volunteer or do a bigger giveaway or signing at the BPNW booth?
Yes! Here’s how.

Did this cost money? Why are you asking for $10 to help with display cost?
Cost of a booth and badges for volunteers is currently $775, paid by Book Publishers Northwest’s reserve funds. It may be a bit more depending on the number of badges for volunteers that we have to buy from PNBA by the time the show opens.

Who is PNBA? What is their trade show?
Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association is an organization for bookstores operating in the Pacific Northwest. They organize and run this show for booksellers and library buyers working in this region. These buyers attend the trade show to learn more about the books available for stocking in their bookstores and libraries, hence a show for the trade. Learn more at their website pnba.org.

Why do IBPA members get to display their books for free?
Most of our reserves stem back to an event sponsored by and paid for by Independent Book Publishers Association such as the Business of Books seminar several years ago. As a thank you for that and for more than 20 years of scholarships given to BPNW members for Publishing University, we’re displaying any current IBPA member for free.  They’re a great group for any small press or independent publisher and we highly recommend checking out their services.

Am I an IBPA member if I get your newsletter or am reading this?
Not necessarily. Our newsletter list comes from BPNW meetings and other sign-ups through this website done in the past. We are an local affiliate of IBPA but past memberships in our group don’t make you an IBPA member.

Am I a BPNW member?
No. We stop collecting memberships by the end of 2016 when lack of volunteers was making it clear that we may need to shut down BPNW as an organized group. Any and all memberships existing expired by 12/31/2017. The money collected in 2016 did not fully cover 2017 expenses but we used our reserves for that too.

OK, how do I send 3 books or 3 titles for display at BPNW, Booth 15, during the 2018 PNBA Fall Trade Show?
Mail to Book Publishers Northwest, 2212 Queen Anne Ave North #275, Seattle WA 98109. We’ll take any and all books received by September 25.

With your books, please include the following information:
  • Name of Northwest publisher if being submitted by publisher
  • Name of Northwest author if being submitted by author
  • Association – Say that you are an IBPA. If not sending $10
  • $10 check for Book Publishers Northwest if not IBPA member — and please don’t make out checks to other entities. We can’t cash anything other than BPNW or Book Publishers Northwest.  Everything else will be tossed.
  • How your book can be purchased: Distributor or website address

Please remember that this is a show for booksellers and librarians, not the general public, and attendees are interested in how to order multiple copies at wholesale prices. We will not be selling books at this show but will have information out on how booksellers and librarians can contact you.

Books will not be returned. Authors and publishers attending PNBA are welcome to pick up their books on Saturday or Sunday at the display. Anyone attending the show will need a badge to enter.  We suggest you earn a badge by volunteering. More on how to do that here.


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