Meet Our October Speaker: Andrea Ptak

“In the publishing world, a project manager requires a broad knowledge of the production process from editing through publication—be it in print, online, or both. It may require oversight of an author or a team of writers as well as editors, designers, photographers, and production artists.” – Andrea Ptak

AndreaAndrea Ptak has worked for a variety of firms in the communications industry, including a local newspaper, three advertising agencies, a corporate in-house agency, and a large commercial printing company. In the 1980s, she ran her own six-person, full service design and photography studio in San Antonio, Texas. In the 1990s, as the publishing industry changed and desktop publishing software dominated, she moved to Seattle and established her business here. These days, she serves as an editor and publishing project manager.

For Book Publishers Northwest’s October meeting tonight, Ptak will discuss publishing project management and how to make the process of going from idea to finished book easier.

Our October 23 meeting starts at 6 p.m. at the Good Shepherd Center, room 221, 4649 Sunnyside N., Seattle, Washington. There is free parking on site.

2 thoughts on “Meet Our October Speaker: Andrea Ptak

  1. Knox Gardner says:

    AARRRGGH, I am so bummed to miss this… as this is now my biggest issue… Trying to decide on a PM tool that would be helpful to manage multiple books on, but not too much staff. I have been trying to implement “Insightly”, but what a horror.

    So I hope their might be something posted on any tools she might recommend.


    Knox Gardner Publisher (c) 206-351-5759



  2. RosemaryJ says:

    Posting some of Andrea’s tips today. She’s also very open to having people contact her — check her website!

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