Time To Start Thinking About Fall PNBA Show

Every fall, Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association holds a trade show. Northwest booksellers and librarians attend as well as independent publishers and sales reps for the big New York houses. This year’s show will be held in Portland, Oregon, from October 8 to 10. Some deadlines coming up are:

Call for Authors To Speak Or Sign At 2017 PNBA Tradeshow
Proposals should be sent via email to Tradeshow Director Greg Holmes at greg@pnba.org and should include  author residence and provide links to author website, publisher listing, relevant reviews and blurbs.  The list of proposed authors will be submitted to PNBA’s Bookseller Selection Committee, which will return a prioritized list by June 9. PNBA staff will begin sending invitations the week of June 12. For further information on the author signing events, please see PNBA’s website, www.pnba.org.
PNBA Indie Book Award 2018
PNBA is now accepting submissions for their indie book award. To be eligible, the author and/or illustrator must make their primary residence in the Pacific Northwest (AK, ID, MT, WA, OR, BC).  The book may be on any subject. Anyone who would like to nominate a book for a 2018 Book Award (for books published between Oct 1, 2016 and Sep 30, 2017 by Northwest authors) should send an email to: awards@pnba.org.