Granite Peak Publications Offers 5th Edition Of Yellowstone Guide

The latest book from Granite Peak Publications, Yellowstone Treasures: The Traveler’s Companion to the National Park,  will be released on June 9, 2017. The updated fifth edition adds 65 new photos—many by Suzanne Cane, a Yellowstone enthusiast and co-translator of Yellowstone, Land of Wonders.

A photo contest last summer yielded more images. As before, the book features  geology and history and provides charts of Yellowstone’s campgrounds and facilities, informative maps, a list of out-of-the-way hikes, and a plant and animal field guide.

In the four years since the fourth edition came out, the many changes in the park include new  lodgings at Canyon Village and exhibits in honor of the 2016 National Park Service centennial.  For 2017, author Janet Chapple updated the road logs and geyser and hot spring descriptions,  particularly  at Norris and Mammoth.  She uses data from the Geyser Observation and Study  Association and to augment her personal observations from her frequent trips.

Yellowstone Treasures will be distributed by IPG and available via major wholesalers.  For more  information and a media kit, please visit

Author Available For Events

author-janet-chapple-2011Janet Chapple is available to give slide shows of often-missed wonderful Yellowstone features to groups in northern and central California communities. Learn more on the publisher’s Author Events page.

A Montana native whose parents once worked at Old Faithful Inn, the historic lodge in Yellowstone Park, Chapple the author of four previous editions of Yellowstone Treasures and the cotranslator from the French of Yellowstone, Land of Wonders, an 1883 travelogue to and through Yellowstone by Belgian travel writer Jules Leclercq. In June 2016 Granite Peak published Through Early Yellowstone, with travel stories she selected and annotated. Foreword Magazine has described her as “Yellowstone Institute student, professional cellist, and geyser geek.”