PNBA’s Ways To Introduce Books to NW Indies

pnbalogoWant to follow up electronically with the booksellers who attended the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association’s Fall Trade Show? The January 2017 edition of PNBA’s Northwest New Title Preview is designed to help publishers target the distribution of free review copies of forthcoming books, ARCs, or galleys directly to bookstore buyers in the Northwest.

For $150, PNBA will include a book in a direct to desktop listing of new and regional titles with jacket art, blurb, and a linked contact for bookseller requests. Booksellers are requested to e-mail publishers directly to request the books.

Deadline for materials is Friday, January 6

More information is available on the submission form at PNBA website.

PNBA’s Bookseller Blast

The Bookseller Blast is a single-title info and imaged filled e-flyer sent straight to 300 booksellers as well as 100 NW media contacts. More information on PNBA’s Ad Rates page.