AlyBlue Media Named For Publisher’s Daughter

In 2009, Lynda Cheldelin Fell’s daughter Aly was the backseat passenger in a car that crashed. Aly was killed instantly. Shortly after the tragic accident, Fell’s husband, then only 46, suffered a disabling stroke, traumatically changing the family dynamics yet again. Reeling from shock and grief, Fell, now 50, says she spent the next few years of her life “in a fog.”

Invited to be part of a book project to share her story, that cathartic experience led to a blog, which led to a book and a radio show where Fell could connect with and draw inspiration from others who have lived through and survived unspeakable grief.

Today, Fell is the head of the National Grief & Hope Coalition (a 501c3 non-profit). She has interviewed Sybrina Martin, mother of the late Trayvon Martin; Denise and Tanya Brown, sisters of the late Nicole Brown Simpson; Dr. Bernice King, daughter of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; and other societal newsmakers on finding healing, hope and purpose through the journey of grief and loss.


Her anthology book series, Grief Diaries, is produced by AlyBlue Media (named after her daughter and with a nod to Aly’s favorite color). The series is distributed through Ingram and available at independent and chain bookstores across the United States. With the initial success of the Grief Diaries book series came outreach from people around the world who expressed a desire to contribute their own story to the series. More than 30 new titles are in the works as a result. Now, with a stable of more than 275 worldwide contributors who have shared their precious and intimate stories of life challenges and losses for Grief Diaries readers, AlyBlue Media will release ten more titles on May 30 that tackle weighty subjects such as living with multiple personalities and eating disorders.

Each title features a group of contributing writers who have survived the same challenging experience or loss. They are each asked the same 18 questions for the book, with one chapter dedicated to each question and its compilation of answers published in alphabetical order. Visit to learn more about the book series.

Fell will speak about the Grief Diaries at Village Books in Bellingham, Washington,  on May 15 at 4 pm.