Amazon Advantage Pricing Goes To $99 Annually

The Amazon Advantage program recently sent out letters that the pricing would go to $99 annually. Amazon deducts the membership fee  from  sales and does not require up-front payment. Advantage is one of Amazon’s older programs that allows publishers or content owners of media products (books, video, or music) sell directly on Beyond the fee, the program’s standard terms include a 55% purchase discount off the list price, which is set by the publisher.

“Yikes,” wrote one author who has a single title in the program.
“I could barely afford the $29.95 a year that it cost before. I can’t afford the $99 cuz that is much closer to what I bring in a year from this one book!” She asked if BPNW members could recommend another similar service (please put your recommendations in the comment section below).

According to Amazon, belonging to Advantage Central will give small publishers the option “to purchase participation in any of these exciting programs:”

  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) –  pay-per-click ads and controlled budget campaigns.
  • Vine Reviews – Amazon Vine places products in the hands of a group of trusted Amazon reviewers. Products with reviews are 22% more likely to be viewed from an Amazon search result than those with no reviews.
  • “A+” Detail Pages – A deluxe detail page featuring advanced formatting and rich media content (detailed descriptions for example).
  • Pricing Discounts –Advantage vendors will be able to drive pricing promotions by creating digital coupons. Customers can use vendor-funded coupon links (available on the product detail page) to offer customers immediate discounts off of the Amazon selling price.

Amazon Advantage program will continue to allow small presses  to stock inventory at Amazon with no storage fees and to have inventory price protected by Amazon.

Amazon does offer other fulfillment services that charge by the piece and do charge storage fees for inventory. These can be found here.