Granite Peak Announces New Title For Summer

ThroughEarlyYellowstone_Cvr_RGB_150ppiGranite Peak Publications announced its latest book, Through Early Yellowstone: Adventuring by Bicycle, Covered Wagon, Foot, Horseback, and Skis, will be released on June 1, 2016. The date was chosen to celebrate the National Park Service’s centennial and the agency’s decision to host free park admission days in 2016.

Through Early Yellowstone is an anthology of travel accounts dating from 1870 to 1916. Not readily available in unedited forms today, the stories tell the tales of early Yellowstone adventurers exploring the pristine national park. These adventurers include an intrepid mother who posted the sign “July 4th, Park or Bust” on her family’s covered wagon, a cyclist and hiker who traversed the whole park for fun, and a New York businesswoman who presented park management with a plan for a system of bridle trails.

The anthology includes five maps, more than sixty engravings, and beautiful watercolors by artist Thomas H. Thomas from the archives of the National Museum of Wales. Never before seen outside of Wales, Thomas’s watercolors are the centerpiece of the anthology. After seeing the paintings in 2008, editor Janet Chapple said, “I loved the watercolors immediately and was amused at some of the notes on them and the fact that there was no ID on a number of them. I was able to supply some site ID information [i.e. identify the river or geyser pictured].”

Chapple began researching the travel accounts that would become Through Early Yellowstone in 2002 while collecting historical anecdotes for the award-winning Yellowstone Treasures guidebook. The project also led to her discovery of Jules Leclercq’s travelogue, which she and Suzanne Cane translated from the French (published as Yellowstone, Land of Wonders, University of Nebraska Press, 2013).

Drawing upon her in-depth knowledge of Yellowstone National Park, Chapple helps readers navigate its historic geysers, landmarks, and wildlife. Guided by her annotations, readers get to experience a time before barriers were built to protect visitors, a time of less convenience but uninhibited exploration.

In addition to celebrating the National Park Service’s centennial with the release of Through Early Yellowstone, Chapple commends the agency for its “Find Your Park” campaign (#findyourpark) and for granting the public many more days of free admission days to our national parks, including all of National Park Week (April 18-26, 2016).

Through Early Yellowstone will be distributed by IPG and available via major wholesalers. For more information and a media kit, please visit

About Granite Peak Publications

Formed in 2000, Granite Peak Publications produces well-researched books on Greater Yellowstone. The name honors the owner’s great-grandfather Fred Inabnit, who led climbing expeditions in the early 1900s into the Beartooth Range, where Granite Peak is located. Its guidebook Yellowstone Treasures won the 2002 Gold Award for Travel–Guides in Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards; an updated fourth edition was released in 2013. Granite Peak Publications may be open to publishing other subjects relating to Greater Yellowstone. To find out more, visit