AlyBlue Will Add 30 Titles To Anthology Series

AlyBlue Media, publisher of the groundbreaking anthology series “Grief Diaries,” announced today that it plans to release more than 30 new titles in 2016. The series is dedicated to raising awareness while offering comfort by publishing the stories of men and women who have endured and triumphed over life’s greatest challenges and darkest moments.  Contributors are invited to participate by registering at

“We all have a story worth telling, and when we share it, we not only comfort others who walk in our shoes, but we inspire hope that the journey is survivable,” said Lynda Cheldelin Fell, international bestselling author, creator of Grief Diaries, and board president of the National Grief & Hope Coalition. “The entire series is about raising awareness, promoting compassion, and letting readers know that they are not alone in their journey.”

Some of the new titles to debut in 2016 include:

· Through the Hands of Hospice
· Life after Rape
· Living with Self Harm
· Through the Eyes of Fallen Hero Wives
· Through the Eyes of Domestic Violence
· Loving and Raising a Disabled Child
· Surviving Clergy Molestation
· Living with Learning Disabilities
· Loss by Cancer

Contributors participate in a six-week guided book project. Each week, they receive three questions about their journey to assist them in the process. Over 200 have contributed to the Grief Diaries series so far. “This was one of the hardest journeys I have led myself on and yet I would do it all over again,” said Teresa Brown, who contributed to Loss of a Parent and Grieving for the Living. “Healing is a hard process full of so many emotions. Through this project I have come closer to feeling healed.” For more information about Grief Diaries, visit or