How To Be A Speaker At A BPNW Meeting

empty-ebook-cover-1-1306063-640x480Do you want to speak to independent authors and publishers? Sign up to be a speaker at a BPNW meeting. Most sessions take place on the last Monday of the month in Room 221 of Good Shepherds Center in Seattle. January’s meeting takes place in room 223. We have the room from 6 pm to 8 pm. To allow time for announcements and socializing after the session, we suggest keeping the speaking time to 45 minutes to 1 hour. However speakers can go as long as 90 minutes. Please use this sign-up sheet to reserve a date for Spring 2016

Topics should be of interest to indie publishers of books. Suggest a new topic or pick on of these popular topics in the past which our members would like to see repeated. These include:
Marketing Online
Social Media
Simple Ebook Production
Marketing to Libraries
Marketing to Bookstores
Distribution of Print Books
Selling on

Because these topics were recently covered, we are not looking for sessions on:
Speaking to Groups
Cover Design or Graphic Design of Books
Inspiration or Motivation

We try to avoid having several sessions on the same topic in a season. If more than one person signs up with the same topic, we may try to combine speakers for a panel on that topic. We will reimburse up to $50 per session for materials or travel expenses. Speakers are responsible for invoicing BPNW after the session.