Lack of Volunteers May Mean No Book Trade Show Display

Book Publishers Northwest normally exhibits members' books each year at the PNBA Fall Trade Show.

Book Publishers Northwest normally exhibits members’ books each year at the PNBA Fall Trade Show.

For the first time in nearly 20 years, Book Publishers Northwest may not be able to display members’ books at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association’s Fall Trade Show. Held in Portland, Oregon, October 2 to 4, 2015, this show is attended by booksellers and librarians looking to add to their stock. There is also a full day of educational events for publishers and authors.

At this point, we have cut back from two-day display to one-day display. PNBA is kindly holding a table for BPNW but we will have to release it by August 7 if nobody steps forward to help. A final appeal will go out to all BPNW members for help tomorrow (July 30).

If no volunteers are found for the 2015 show, BPNW will try to find another marketing benefit for this year’s members and will continue to plan a display at the 2016 show in Tacoma, Washington.

Volunteer Benefits

You can display additional books or stage give-aways or author signings by volunteering to work the exhibition space at the 2015 PNBA Fall Trade Show. This comes with free entrance to the show, which is not open to the public. Members who volunteer to open or close the space will receive a 2016 BPNW membership ($50 value) as well as these benefits. At this point, you may volunteer for as many slots as you’d like. If you are a member but have not received the announcements by email, please contact for further information.

UPDATE:  By July 30, members Kathryn Dennis and Beth Chapple stepped up to take over the display, guaranteeing that BPNW members would have their books seen at the show. THANK YOU!

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  1. Hi Rosemary, This is very sad. I have some friends in Portland. Might be able to stay with them to help work the show. Is anyone planning to attend?

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  2. I forwarded this to the Editor’s Guild Yahoo group. We have a number of members who are also publishers and/or writers and a few may be interested.

    Sadly, I’ll be in the last week of working on the Guild conference or I’d jump at the chance. Andie Andrea Leigh Ptak Communicating Words & Images Graphic Design and Writing Services for the Discriminating Client 6542 52nd Ave So. Seattle, WA 98118 OFFICE: 206-725-9169 MOBILE: 206-300-2067

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