North Seattle Writing Group Seeks Members

scribblers2015The Thursday Night Scribblers are seeking two to three new members. “We’ve been meeting for 30 years. The original host is deceased, but some original members remain. Others have joined along the way. We range in age from 30’s to 80’s, write memoir, YA fantasy, literary fiction, historical and mysteries,” said Peter Kahle, a longtime BPNW member.  Books produced by former and current members of the group include Pieces of Sky by Kaki Warner, Glimmer and Whisper by Phoebe Kitanidis, Shackled by Kevin Scott, Lie to Me by Suzanne Brahm, Someday I’m Gonna by Billee Escott,  and Passage of the Kissing People and Naked at the Podium by Kahle. Publishers represented by the group include OddRocket Press and 74th Street Productions.

As their name implies, the group meets weekly on Thursday nights in North Seattle. “We believe framework is important. Meeting weekly imposes an insistent sense of deadline. Learning to critique and be critiqued takes a little time to adjust, but each skill set, and the willingness to learn it, is crucial,” said Kahle.

For more information on the group and the process to join, please see Kahle’s website.