Sponsorship Opportunities With NIEG

EdsGuild2015 Logo_Layout 1Following sponsorship offer is open to all publishers, not just members of BPNW:

Greetings from the Northwest Independent Editors Guild! As you may recall, we had a lovely mixer with SWG, Book Publishers Northwest, and NIEG a little over a year ago, and now we’re reaching out to you about our upcoming conference.

Our 5th biennial conference, Beyond the Red Pencil: Editing in the 21st Century, is central to a large community of editors and writers based in the Northwest and Canada. This conference does more than just gather professional editors intent on a day of learning and networking, it also serves as a primary source of organizational funding for the Guild. We are asking for your help to make this event possible and serve those who create the narrative of our culture.

This year’s conference, slated for October 10, 2015, is positioned to be an insightful and inspiring event. Keynote speaker Steven Pinker, New York Times best-selling author, linguist, cognitive scientist, and chair of the Usage Panel of The American Heritage Dictionary, will kick off the day-long event with his latest book, The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century. We’re extremely excited to host this distinguished author and speaker!

For the first time, we’re looking for sponsors for our event. We have identified several giving tiers for conference sponsorships and welcome contributions at any level. Sponsors will be named in our program and promotional materials. As editors, we understand the importance of collaboration better than most, and we will use our networks to make our sponsors’ support known.

As we gather in Washington this October, we celebrate Seattle as the city with the most library cards per capita in the US and as home to Amazon, the largest Internet-based bookseller in the world. The larger Pacific Northwest is also proud home to some of the greatest independent booksellers in the world such as Powell’s in Portland Oregon. The relevance of authors and their less visible editors cannot be overstated. The Northwest Independent Editors Guild serves as an important resource for professional development that affects the literary experience of readers far beyond our region.

If you know of any businesses that may be interested in sponsoring our conference, or if you yourself are interested, please contact us at beyondtheredpencil@gmail.com. For more information on our conference, visit http://edsguild.org/conferences.

Thank you for your consideration!

Amanda Vail,
on behalf of the Conference Committee, Northwest Independent Editors Guild