June 22: Writers Reading Aloud With Fearless Voices

Prior to going on our summer break, Book Publisher Northwest invites all local writers to join us for a free Fearless Voices workshop with Jody Ericson-Dorow and Peach Pittenger.

“The workshop is an active and hands-on experience,” writes Ericson-Dorow. “We will teach exercises that focus on body, breath and voice, so that you are relaxed, confident and in control when you step in front of the crowd. This workshop is especially helpful to writers, who want their nuanced and genuine writer’s voice to shine through when they read aloud. This means that the workshop is about mental and physical preparation and not about how to dramatize or perform your work. We will devote some time to discussion: engaging your audience, effective interpretation, and shedding those nervous tics and mannerisms.”

Our presenters suggest wearing comfortable clothing (“we move around a bit, nothing strenuous,” noted Ericson-Dorow) and come prepared to have fun.

BPNW’s June 22 meeting starts at 6 pm in Room 223 at Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside N, Seattle. There will be time after the session for mixing with your fellow indie authors and publishers.

More About Fearless Voices

Fearless Voices’ mission is to teach people how to overcome fear of public speaking through exercises and techniques drawn from music, dance, theatre, and sports. Their workshops are tailored for people in business, technology, and the arts. They also work with non-profit organizations’ personal and professional development programs.

Peach Pittenger is a writer, teacher, director and actor. She holds a PhD in Theatre from Ohio State University, and has taught at the University of Washington and University of Georgia. She also has extensive business experience in marketing and communications in the financial services industry. Peach brings her versatile skills in theatre, teaching, and writing to her role as workshop director.

tender-cover-263x300With over 20 years in the corporate arena, Jody Ericson-Dorow’s specialty is creative development, including production, project management, marketing, fundraising, and publishing. She is the co-founder of a local custom publishing company with four releases, including John Howie’s Passion and Palate, Tamara Murphy’s cookbook TENDER, and a forthcoming children’s book.

Ericson-Dorow is on the Advisory Board of First Book Seattle, a national non-profit dedicated to providing access to books for children need. She is marketing director for Fearless Voices workshops.