PNBA April Bookstore News: Anniversaries and Closures

Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association’s members are bookstores throughout the region and each month the association distributes updates about the state of business. Tacoma’s King’s Books celebrated its 15th anniversary on April 4. Invitations for the evening party, complete with DJs, stated:  “Join store cat Atticus as he breaks out his moves!”

Bloomsbury began when Nancy Peterson, Denise Hanley, Karen Chapman and Sheila Burns decided to open a bookstore in Ashland.

Further south, Ashland’s Bloomsbury Books celebrated its 35th anniversary on April 19. Owners Karen Chapman and Sheila Burns shared their scrap book from 2 to 4 p.m. to revel in the memories of the store that wasn’t supposed to last three years.

However, after 57 years in business, Graham’s Book & Stationary in Lake Oswego will be closing. “Teri and I are retiring after 40 years ….We are retiring the business as well!” wrote owner Paul Graham in April’s Footnotes (PNBA e-newsletter). The store plans to close on June 1.

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