Keep In Touch: Include Email Address With Membership Application

Nelly_WorldTieIt’s that time of year, when people send in renewals or new membership applications for Book Publishers Northwest. Be sure to include a working email address on any paper sent through the post so we can make sure you receive all the benefits of being a 2015 member of Book Publishers Northwest.

Although we may have met you at a meeting or you’ve been subscribing to this blog or our newsletter, we can’t always match your payment to an email in our database. You might be nelliebly or nb1890 or elizabethcochran (just to give a few ways the lady in this picture might have had an email handle). If your check has your name and your email address is something quite different or even quite close, we’ll probably not be able to properly tie the two together.

How To Do It Right
When mailing payment for 2015 BPNW membership, please include the membership application found in the bottom of our newsletter (if you’re a subscriber) or just include a slip of paper with:

Your Name
Business Name (if different)
Website (if you have one)

More information on the benefits of being a member and the current cost of dues can be found at “Join BPNW.”

We encourage you to attend a few meetings or subscribe to our newsletter before joining to find out if we are the right group for you.