Parenting Press Author On Today Show

Parenting Press, a BPNW member headquartered in Seattle, publishes a wide range of books to help parents with everything from biting toddlers to dealing with a loss in the family.

Recently, Eileen Kennedy-Moore, author of What About Me? from Parenting Press, discussed why labeling kids (“She’s our smart one,” or “He’s our athlete”) isn’t wise on the Today Show:

ToddlerSharingOther recent titles from Parenting Press include Helping Children with Their Feelings, a practical guide by Elizabeth Crary, M.S., to help children better understand their feelings and those of others, and The Secret of Toddler Sharing, by the same author, aimed at busy parents and early childhood professionals who need to teach children how to share.

Parenting Press keeps online media kits available for all their books to encourage author interviews as well as excerpts of their works in publications. Check out their material at their website.