Bellingham Publisher Branches Into Filmmaking

olddeadhead_McKinneyFrequent BPNW member Gary McKinney (Kearney Street Books) has specialized in publishing mysteries and other fiction with a rock-and-roll soul. Now he’s released his first film, Living with the Dead, that plays at the Limelight in Bellingham, WA, on Dec. 6.

“This movie was based on the short story “The Undead” that we published in our short story collection The Storyteller Speaks: Rare & Different Fictions of the Grateful Dead,” said McKinney. “My wife, Karen Parker, adapted the story for the screen, directed and edited. I produced both the film and the music, including arranging the film score and playing piano with our ‘Undead’ band.”

This screen shot from the movie features the “older Deadhead” (fan of the band Grateful Dead) encountered by two young Deadheads on the way to a concert in the mid-1980s.

“We’re very excited about this new creative endeavor we’ve embarked on! “ said McKinney. “We’ve already written the script, cast, and established the locations for our next short film What Goes Around. We’ll shoot that one in February.”

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