PNBA Adds More Desserts To Trade Show

HotelMuranoThe most stunning news in Pacific Northwest Bookseller’s enewsletter Footnotes revealed more sweets for attendees of the PNBA Tradeshow. Event organizers have added a new dessert event on Saturday (this may explain why the Murano’s rooms are sold out for Sept. 27!). Besides Saturday’s Sweet & Greet, other new and updated events are now listed on PNBA Fall Trade Show’s online schedule. Thankfully, the Friday Nightcapper party, which also includes dessert and is always appreciated by the BPNW web editor, is still on the schedule. Look for BPNW member Russ Hanbey to be signing his book, Walking On Trees, at the Nightcapper!

Here is the schedule-at-a-glance. Here’s specific event lineups. The PNBA Fall Tradeshow takes place Sept. 26 through Sept. 28 in Tacoma, WA, at the Hotel Murano. The Friday events are educational sessions for booksellers, librarians, and independent publishers. The tradeshow runs Sept. 27 and 28. It is closed to the general public.


Book Publishers Northwest will be displaying members’ books both Saturday and Sunday at the show in Tacoma. Members volunteering at the booth will receive free entrance into the show and those events not requiring additional reservations or payments (dinners, etc., are extra and should be arranged with PNBA, not BPNW).

We will be taking part in the Sunday raffle, with a backpack filled with treats. Because, hey, this is sweet-loving group of bibliophiles.

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  1. RosemaryJ says:

    Yes. That information was sent to all members in the last couple of newsletters. If you are not receiving the newsletters, write bpnwnews at

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