Northwest Bookfest Seeks Speakers

NWBookfest14The Northwest BookFest, now in its fourth year in Kirkland, will take place November 2014, and will be held at Northwest University, 5520 108th Avenue, Kirkland. Again this year, the activities are being structured as a writer’s conference for those interested in digital publishing. Organizer Sheryn Hara currently is accepting program proposals. To present a workshop or panel, submit an application via

A limited number of exhibitor spaces also are available to organizations and businesses that provide services to writers and authors. Applications should be sent via the website.

For more information, contact Sheryn Hara or other organizers via email:

2 thoughts on “Northwest Bookfest Seeks Speakers

  1. There are two different dates on this ad for the conference: Nov. 1-2 and Nov. 2-3. I don’t think they can both be right. Can you tell me what the dates actually are? Thanks.

  2. RosemaryJ says:

    Good catch! The artwork that they sent us and the dates in the letter don’t match. We suggest contacting the organizers and confirming the dates with them.

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