Selling And Buying Rights Online

IPRIPR License offers a dedicated online trading platform on which literary rights-holders could complete domestic and international licensing deal from their computer. As an independent publisher himself, founder Tom Chalmers sought a way to help small publishers create extra licensing revenue.

Since its inception in 2012, the British corporation has added more 14 million records on than system. Members offering and seeking rights for sale come from a variety of countries. The company also has a strategic alliance in place with Copyright Clearance Centre and a digital link-up with Ingram Content Group.

Prior to taking part in the 2014 Book Expo America, Chalmers said “The US has long been considered the market to break into by authors and publishers due to its sheer size and scale. What’s also interesting is that territories such as China, Brazil and Eastern Europe have been cited as areas of interest for rights and licensing as these may have been deemed unrealistic markets of choice only a few years ago. There is a growing awareness from both publishers and authors of the huge potential in licensing for reaching markets across the world.”

IPR License allows publishers to create detailed records of all available rights and permissions, negotiate global rights deals online, and use an instant payment system. Publishers seeking to purchase rights do not have to be members, so the database is to anyone to search, offer, negotiate, and complete transactions in full, including contracts and payments. IPR’s TradeRights is the industry’s first and only fully transactional licensing platform which allows parties to make offers, negotiate and complete deals on book rights. Upon opening the system to non-members to search for rights to purchase, the company saw a 268% uplift in website traffic and a 24% inquiry rate increase in its first few weeks.

Cost to join
A company’s annual membership fee is based upon company size and starts from approximately $420 annually. IPR also takes a 15% commission on payments from deals completed via the platform. For further information visit or email