Story Con Looks To Fill Wordstock Gap

Erik Wecks

With Portland’s Wordstock taking a one-year hiatus, a new convention focused on fiction and authors is being planned for Vancouver, WA.  Story Con! 2014 is a collaboration between local author and organizer Erik Wecks and the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District. This one day event is planned for October 18 at the Vancouver Community Library.

Wecks is looking for local and regional authors from a wide variety of genres to read their books, participate in various book panels, and make their books available to purchase.

The convention organizers are currently taking suggestions for panels, and want to emphasize that they are not interested in any panels focused on the business of writing or publishing. According to their website, a presentation at Story Con should expose the reader to new books and great authors. Other restrictions are:

  • A great Story Con Panel won’t focus much on the writer’s process.
  • It will focus on presenting a great conversation about books written by the panelists.
  • It won’t talk about what’s on the writer’s iPod.
  • It could talk about how music is important to the plot of a novel.
  • It won’t talk about why self-publishing is better (or worse).
  • It could talk about how readers can sort through the books on Amazon to find the truly great ones.
  • It could be topical or a survey of a genre.
  • It could be an interview of one substantial author or r it could be a conversation between several authors.
  • Whatever it does, it will showcase at least one book written by each author on the panel allowing the reader to get an idea of its content or themes.