BEA Will Continue To Offer Con Experience

In his blog The Bean, BookExpo America Show Director Steve Rosato  stated that BEA will continue to develop two very different events to help publishers promote books. BEA will remain a largely “business-to-business” event for publishers and booksellers while BookCon will provide a selling tool similar to ComicCon, enabling publishers to reach powerful and influential fans of reading.

BEA will remain a vital trade event and BookCon is poised to expand and offer new opportunities for publishers that will ultimately sell more books.  There are things to manage and address with timing, access etc… but is it as simple as it is complicated because BookCon and BEA are highly complimentary and still mutually exclusive.  The large majority of BEA participants can leverage elements of BookCon both efficiently and cost effectively to get a lot more value, but there are also many companies that need the B2B value that BEA delivers and have no interest or need to interact with consumers.  There is also an opportunity for companies to participate in BookCon that have no interest or value to be gained by participating in BEA. 


The booksellers, publishers, and readers waiting for BEA to open in New York.