Heartland Fall Forum Call For Authors

The Heartland Fall Forum is a regional trade show hosted collaboratively by the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association and the Midwest Independent Booksellers Association. The show attracts members from 350 independent bookstores from North Dakota to the upper reaches of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and all states in between. This year’s show is scheduled for Sept. 30 through Oct. 2 at the Depot in Minneapolis, MN.

Submissions can be made now for author appearances. Email pitches to Carrie, the 2014 Heartland author coordinator, at carrie@midwestbooksellers.org, along with the following information. Slots will be filled as authors are found, and all pitches must be received no later than July 11.

  • Title info: Author, publisher/imprint/distributor, genre (adult fiction, graphic novel, YA fiction, children’s picture book, etc.), pub date, link to Edelweiss page, and link to publisher page. Include information if author represented by some other company (sales rep group, distributor) on the show floor other than the publisher.
  • Suggestions for which events the authors could be featured in.
  • A brief description of the book (no more than a paragraph).

Costs And Other Restrictions

Keynote authors: $500 per author
Non-keynote participating authors: $100 per author
Regional author booth: $75 per author

Publishers should submit forthcoming Fall 2014 or Winter 2014 books.  Spring 2014 books that complement the show’s roster will be considered. Publishers or the book’s rep group or distributor need to be a registered exhibitor to send an author to the show.

Book signing at the Heartland Fall Forum

Call for Authors
Slots Available for 2014 Heartland Fall Forum

Wednesday, October 1
Moveable Feast: Two keynote authors and table rotation of many authors during lunch. Book personalization and chatting afterwards. Est. 30 authors. Est. 200 comp books/galleys requested.
Adult Author Dinner: 3 keynote authors address booksellers during dinner. Est. 200 comp books/galleys requested.

Thursday, October 2
Children’s Author Breakfast: 3 keynote authors address booksellers during breakfast. Est. 200 comp books/galleys requested.
Book Signing Reception: Cocktail reception with 32 authors signing books. Est. 200 comp books/galleys requested.
Regional Author Booth: ½ hour slots for book signing on the show floor. 30 authors. Est. 150 comp books/galleys requested.

Feature a cookbook authors’ recipes at a reception, break, or meal event. Organizers can work with the hotel staff to feature these special recipes.

Inspiring Nonfiction
Pitches considered for hosting authors on an array of nonfiction topics, such as creativity, business, success, time management, local economies, community-building, and the like. The right speaker could be featured in one of Forum’s educational or plenary sessions, or as a keynote for a dinner event.