PNBA Call For Authors 2014

Following call for authors recently was sent out by Thom Chambliss of Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (PNBA).Please follow directions listed in the letter below if you want one of your authors or books featured at the 2014 PNBA’s Trade Show. For more information on the trade show or other marketing opportunities available through PNBA, our May 19 speaker Tegan Tigani, PNBA Board President, will be discussing how to work with Northwest bookstores.

PNBA’s 2014 Fall Tradeshow Northwest
Friday – Sunday, September 26 – 28
Hotel Murano, Tacoma, WA
We have spots for eight nationally-known authors to speak:
* four at the Book & Author Breakfast on Saturday, September 27th; and
* four at the Book & Author Breakfast on Sunday, September 28th.
(Publishers donate at least 150 pre-signed books or ARCs, and pay a $400 promo fee per author.)
We have twenty spots for nationally and NW-known authors to meet with booksellers during dinner. Authors will rotate through tables of booksellers, spending 15 minutes with each group, at a banquet on Saturday evening, September 27th.
(Publishers donate at least 150 books or ARCs, and pay a $300 promo fee per author.)
At the Education Day Luncheon (Friday, September 26) ten relatively new regional authors will speak briefly about their new books that would make great “handselling” opportunities for our booksellers. Authors must agree to visit member stores.
(Publishers donate at least 75 copies of each book for the signings, and pay a $200 promo fee per author.)
On Friday, September 26th, from 8:30 – 10:00 pm we will have our annual Nightcapper, to end the first day of the convention, featuring an eclectic group of 20+ authors meeting the booksellers and librarians and signing copies of their new books in a lively reception that often includes authors as performers. This is a great event in which to show attendees what kind of event an author might produce in their stores or libraries. The next night, Saturday, September 27, immediately following the Author Feast, from 8:30 – 10:00 pm, we will have our new Sweet & Greet Party for a separate group of 20+ authors, in a more relaxed event. Both parties will include desserts and coffee.
(Publishers donate 75-100 copies of each book, and pay a $225 promo fee per author at each event.)
Sixteen slots, of thirty minutes each, are available on Sunday morning, September 28th, on the show floor.
(Publishers donate at least 50 copies of each book, and pay a $150 promo fee per author.)

Your proposal should provide PNBA with links to your author’s web site, the publisher’s page with info about the book, and links to any reviews, blurbs or recommendations for the book that are available. On Monday, June 9th, the list of proposed authors will be submitted to PNBA’s Selection Committee, which will supply a prioritized list to PNBA staff by June 13th.

PNBA staff will begin sending invitations for authors on Monday, June 16th.
We expect at least 225 booksellers from more than 90 Northwest stores, and up to 50 librarians from as many as 20 libraries, to attend this fall’s show. Send books or ARCs, along with your proposals, author bios, web links, and reviews to PNBA at the address below. For more info about the PNBA show, see the show page on PNBA’s website,
PNBA’s Fall Show Author Proposals
Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association
338 West 11th Avenue, Suite #108
Eugene, OR 97401-3062

To help offset the expenses of promoting authors, PNBA charges $400 for Breakfast speakers, $300 for Feast participants, $225 for Nightcapper and Sweet & Greet appearances, $200 for Celebration authors, and $150 for each author at a standard signing. We will send the billing for your author’s appearance in September, after all of the schedules for the show are completed. An author’s expenses are the responsibility of the publisher.

Again this year, we will be using Northwest Booklovers to support authors who will appear at the show. Please contact Brian Juenemann if your author is selected for the show and would like to send us an article or interview to be featured on the site, and Brian will try to fit it in. Brian is PNBA’s Marketing Director and can also help you coordinate an author’s show appearance with an even broader, more effective advertising program, perhaps even including a listing in our annual holiday catalog.

I look forward to hearing from you with your proposals.
Thom Chambliss, Executive Director
Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association
338 West 11th Avenue, Suite 108
Eugene, OR 97401-3062
T: 541-683-4363

F: 541-683-3910

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