April 17 Meeting: 25 Years On The Publishing Roller Coaster

KentSturgisOur April 17 speaker Kent Sturgis is the co-founder of Epicenter Press. Under his leadership, Epicenter hit it big with titles like Two Old Women, which has enjoyed more than 20 years in print, and the first  biography of then-Governor Sarah Palin, issued before she entered national politics. Sturgis knows what it is like to wake up and find your book suddenly on the New York Times bestseller list or leading the charts on Amazon.com. Today, he is helping others realize their publishing dreams through his newly formed company, Kent Sturgis Publishing Services, LLC.

In “Tales from the Roller Coaster,” he shares candid and sometimes humorous stories about heady successes, devastating setbacks, and more than a few surprises from the front lines of regional book publishing in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. He’ll help our audience avoid the ten dangerous pitfalls of independent book publishing and will be available for an extensive Q&A about the future of books as well.

If you are thinking about become a publisher or planning to expand your publishing business, drop into this free meeting for some timely advice to make the roller coaster ride a little more pleasant. This meeting starts at 4 pm on April 17 at Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside N Seattle, Washingto. Please note that we are moving to Room 221 for this and our upcoming May and June meetings.

More About Our Speaker

Kent Sturgis lives in Kenmore. He co-founded Epicenter Press, a regional nonfiction book publisher, in 1988. Sturgis served two terms as president of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and several terms as a board member of Book Publishers Northwest. He came to books through journalism, having worked as a correspondent for the Associated Press and managing editor of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. Sturgis retired from day-to-date management of Epicenter in November to edit, package, consult, and print books for others under the banner of a new enterprise — “Kent Sturgis Publishing Services, LLC.”