Dogwise Announces APDT Dog Trainer Guide

Dogwise_DogTrainersResource3Dogwise recently announced the release of The Dog Trainers Resource 3, based on scholarly and practical articles in The APDT Chronicle of the Dog.

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) works “to advance excellence in the profession of dog training and behavior consulting. The Dog Trainer’s Resource 3 places a special emphasis on developing skills in areas where many trainers may lack experience, like specialized training protocols and improving business practices for profitability and longevity. ”

“Much like the APDT itself, The Dog Trainer’s Resource 3 fulfills our association’’s goal of providing a well-rounded approach to trainer education, with the aim of creating effective, compassionate, and knowledgeable professional dog trainers,” said Mychelle Blake, MSW, CDBC, CAE. APDT President and Chief Executive Officer.

Author Adrienne Hovey is editor in chief of The APDT Chronicle of the Dog. She owns Fresh Start Dog Training in Philadelphia, and also serves as a class assistant with Pets in Motion in Wayne, PA.

BPNW member Dogwise Publishing is located in Wenatchee, Washington, and is one of the largest publishers and distributors of dog books in the United States.